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Our Services

Shadowburst Solutions offers exception service throughout Ontario and Quebec and is expanding our tier 1 security expertise around the world.  We are constantly evolving to meet the ever changing realities of every one of our clients.



Current Services


1.    Network security / IT security assessment 


Working with you and your employees Shadowburst Solutions conducts a through examination of your current system.  We analyze your current configuration and compare it to your business requirements in order to assess whether it is meeting those foundational needs.  We then interview members of your team in order to get an idea of the types of access and software that they need and their comfort level with technology.  This process allows us to develop modular, dynamic security solutions that will provide you with exactly the security solution you need, at the price you need, at the level of simplicity that you need.  



2.    Travel risk / Travel solutions assessment 


Embracing a nomad work style? Shadowburst Solutions has you covered.  We provide thorough reports on hundreds of international destinations, the connectivity risks associated with that destination, and advice on how to mitigate those risks.  Shadowburst can also provide customized software packages that allow you to securely access your work anywhere you want to be.



3.    “Never a Victim” Security training seminar 


Do you employees know how to spot a phishing attack?  Do they know how to handle a ransomware attack or even prevent it from happening? Our award winning ‘Never a Victim’ training seminar (currently conducted virtually) provides employees with the knowledge they need to stay safe in a very dangerous world.  


Our training course covers internet basics, email techniques, anonymity training, indepth explanations of VPN and 2FA solutions, and multi vector attacks (including preventing phone phishing scams).



4.    Customized network security upgrades


Once you are comfortable with the proposed solution we will action your decision by building you a system that meets your needs today and tomorrow.  This includes purchasing and installing any equipment that needs to be added and ensuring that all team members are able to do the work that they need to do. 


5.    Red Team Simulations


If you require testing of your own security environment we can provide ethical hacking / red team simulations and penetration testing.  This allows you to test your product or environment against an outside ‘attacker’ as a means of determining its vulnerability.  

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