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The New Standard
in Work-From-Home Network Security

Serving Ontario and Western Quebec Since 2011

Welcome to the post-COVID19 

Since 2011 Shadowburst Solutions has been one of Ontario and Western Quebec’s most trusted information technology / network security providers, and the only one with a proven strategy to help your business move towards the highly decentralized workspaces of tomorrow.


Shadowburst Solutions began as a provider of focused, IT expertise to the Ottawa high tech sector.  Our ability to offer easy – to – implement tier – one solutions for small, medium, and large companies is what allowed us to grow.

Intellectual Property Protection

We have a proven record in safeguarding intellectual property

Street - savvy Tech Training

Our customized training courses will provide. your employees with the awareness they need to stay safe online.

Network Modernization

Most business networks were built for a single office. Upgrade now and work from home safely.

Full Customer Experience Service

Our clients have access to 24/7 support.  Your business doesn't sleep and neither do we.

Work From Anywhere

An Evolution

Today, our business, like yours, has evolved to meet the new realities of business in the COVID19 era.  COVID19 has radically changed the business landscape in ways that most business owners haven’t yet begun to consider.  For example, prior to the outbreak most businesses favoured centralized office workspaces in which all of their employees worked under one roof.  This model was beneficial and offered businesses significant advantages when it came to fostering creativity, collaboration, and success.  They featured centralized IT systems that could be easily hardened against outside threats, such as IP theft. Employees followed strict network security procedures, they knew how to manage passwords, and were able to receive security training to prevent phishing attacks and avoid compromising IP.  COVID19 changed this.  

When the pandemic first hit most businesses responded by moving towards a work – from – home model in which most employees (if not all) were able to continue their jobs from other locations.  Understandably the focus of most business owners was upon survival and the continued operation of their company.  Traditional risk intolerances were eliminated in order to ensure employees retained connectivity.  This meant that many of the IT / network security solutions that had previously been implemented were no longer valid.  Every employee working from home opened a new vulnerability, a new hole in the fire wall, a new threat vector that criminals and competitors could exploit.  Most businesses accepted this threat as short term given their desire to return to the traditional business environment once the pandemic ended.  

However, by the time the pandemic entered its second and third years most employees had become accustomed to the work – from – home model and most had little interest in returning to the pre-pandemic model.  In fact, the Pew Research Center estimates that more than 50% of workers would like to continue working from home after the pandemic ends.  This means that the accepted short term risks are rapidly becoming permanent.

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Are You Ready For New Threat Vectors

The new threat vectors are being compounded by;

  • The release of new work – from – home software that is frequently untested / under tested and reliant upon servers or cloud storage in jurisdictions with poor intellectual property protections (such as China)

  • Building pressures from employees to increase work from home connectivity without security assessments

  • Loosening of individual travel restrictions which is seeing an increase in work – from – home employees doing work from unanticipated locations, such as overseas, using public wifi (public wifi are easily monitored and risk exposing your business secrets to anyone who might be watching).


Shadowburst Solutions is uniquely poised to help guide your business through this new work – from – home reality.  Find out more about our solutions.

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